Destiny, Fate, it could all be a crock of shit but I still believe in love….

After all…’all you need is love’….right?

I effing hate the beatles. I don’t deny the possible importance of them to popular music..but I also don’t believe they were all that special. You can disagree with me about that…i won’t argue…I don’t even have an argument to make other than I think they are over rated as all get out. Maybe ironically enough…the cover tunes they played when they started out…I kind of like that stuff…but most of the other stuff they put out…I’m really not a fan.

Deleted scene from pulp fiction where uma asks john travolta if he’s an elvis or beatles man because everyone has to be one or the other…I also don’t love elvis…but I think over all I enjoy the elvis back catalog far more than I do the beatles catalog. Again…maybe ironic seeing as how much of the stuff elvis sang was either stolen or borrowed from the black r&b rock and rollers…..but neither of these subjects is my point here today….


what is my point today?….”walking contradiction” explains my life..again that’s really not all that true…illustrating the concept of why it could be….do you follow?

I grasp that you’re probably not….if you in fact are tracking…it’s not that I’m insulting or attacking your intellect or intelligence….it’s that I know things I write (or do or say) can cause people massive headaches….which ultimately results in me being told how crazy I am……IS IT really me that’s crazy? hmmmm

to touch upon that last thought…obviously when I keep posting blogs knowing damn well there’s no one reading them….but is that crazy or is that performance art? hmmmm…..wrap your mind around that concept and tell me….art IS art right? So maybe the appearance of my keeping this blog is just an act of performance art….that still is going unseen…but do people REALLY need to cast eyes on something for it to be a work of art?….. Just look at all the ‘he was such a nice quiet guy’ s that snap…and the shit they put out in the world gets discovered….. I’m not saying that is me…but can I honestly say that I know that I will never snap like said wack jobs? ….Can any of us?….If you think so you’re lying to yourself…shit happens sometimes…shit that’s out of your hands..and that brings me toooooooo

****** **** *** *** drum rollllll ** *** ** *********************

actually brings me to the fact I’m currently suffering from a head ache…..good times for all…cake for none….. “””””YOU GET NOTHING”””” I’ve been randomly yelling that out quite a lot these past few days….if you don’t know whence forth it comes… fail at existence and I suggest you go watch some classic movies involving little people singing ditties about the dangers of to much tv, chewing gum, and being a brat…..after you’ve done to that get back to me and thank me for showing you to such a treasure…uhmkay….I’ll wait….

Or not. My arm is suddenly hurting quite a bit as well…so Let’s pretend to get to a point…..I just finished watching “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara”. I went in not knowing what that means ((and still haven’t chosen to remember what it means after seeing what it translates roughly to on twitter))…not knowing exactly it was about (because I got it from the library…via putting a hold on it..and don’t remember the description that sold me on it..and the back of the dvd tells you nothing))….but anywho….it’s kind of a road trip movie via bollywood…that takes places mostly in spain…

This is the second such movie I’ve watched in the last…six..maybe eight months…The other being 3 idiots..also quite a good movie I highly recommend…both of these movies I mention clocking in at over 2 hours ((if I’m remembering correctly in the case of 3 idiots))….both really not seeming as if they are that long…thus both very well done or enough so that I enjoyed the fact it was 2 and a half hours long…..that can’t often be said about movies that clock in at that length….or maybe it could…i don’t know…I’ve lost my point as my headache progressively worsens…

So anywho…3 guys on the dvd cover….walking on a can kind of do the math….a hot chick that kind of looks like penelope cruz probably helped to keep my attention for the 2 and a half hours….blah blah blah and la dee dah dee dah.


Insert a drum solo here


and we’re back.

Homogenic by bjork really is one of the best albums ever released…if you’ve never experienced it you really must…there’s a whole uninteresting story that explains how I bore witness to the greatness that is bjork….it’s sad how under appreciated she seems to be in america…….which brings me to a rant I’ve written about at least 10 times…maybe 15….or at least mentioned in written form….nbc summer olympics coverage a few years back…i still can NEVER forgive……..hyping up coming up next bjork…coming up next bjork…coming up soon bjork…..and than about 35 seconds after she began performing they went to fucking commercial….or maybe they zoomed away from her and to bob costas or someone and focused on them talking for a minute and a half over her before going to commercial…..but forever I say NBC can eat a big fat rotten dick for that little stunt.;;;; I’m not holding a grudge…I just will continue to thing poorly of them for that bullshit. I’m sure I’m in the minority of people who give a fuck..because as I said bjrok is under appreciated by america….

anywho…that also wasn’t what I started writing to write about….

_____ m

freaking album came out in 97..I haven’t listened to it in it’s album form in quite a looooooooooong time until like right now….but it still is fucking brilliant…15 years on and it continues to take me to another place…

so yeah anywho…destiny, fate, and all that jazz…..

if everything is written…are the records in a digital format? Has the great celestial beyond gone digital? Has it always been digital? is there something far BEYOND digital?…..

only the dead really know…right?

and the dead can dance…

‘and so we dance like warriors on the battle field…..split your head in a moment of glory……….crack your head and sue somebody…and now we dance ‘ ((I know I’m quoting part of that incorrectly..thus the ‘s and not “s…and now you know….vandals song on a compilation album that i used to listen to all the fuckin time..back in the day….’yeah it was back in the day yeah it was back in the day’….”born to be down”…………))

“””Rock N Roll”””….mr batemen…rock and roll!

I think I’ve gotten out what I went to get out….did you listen? Do you hear what I’m saying?…’s all there….read in between the lines maybe in the cracks…’s all present or accounted for ((((how many times was that a lie standing in front of a formation? hmmm))))……

Tangents come and tangents go but forever she will use ‘tannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngerines….’…yeah…do you know that girl with orange hair?…

thank you and come again….

racism for the masses….is it really racist if you don’t live it night and day?

day after day…night after night…time after time…………..

cyndi lauper spent quite a lot of time appearing on soaps a few short years ago…..look where that got her and the soaps…

let’s leave you with one of my ALL TIME mother fuckin favorite movie quotes I used to often shout out loud ((or just speak out at room temperature often))….

“Would You Like To Know More?”  ((((((and if you don’t know where I got that from….please go away and don’t come back…if you do….you are a member of the inner circle of people who automatically can NOT suck..even if you love nickelback…if you know would you like to know more…you are cool in my book..UNLESS it’s only because you worship neil patrick harris and insist on knowing every line he’s ever uttered on the silver screen….not that he’s not a cool cat..but..that would make you kind of close to the borderline ((((another song!)))) of hipsterville….and we don’t want that….that’s like if you’re a fan of that fuckin movie wrist cutters….it’s not had mad potential..great concept and all..but at the end of the day it kind of feels like sitting in a bath tub full of wes andersons used bath water)))

And that my friends, enemies, gawkers, and other passerby’s… why you can’t change destiny… definition “That to which any person or thing is destined” [[[see also 2. Inevitable necessity; fate.]]] (per ‘THE NEW INTERNATIONAL WEBSTER’S STUDENT DICTIONARY INTERNATIONAL ENCYCLOPEDIC EDITION” …which i must say actually is missing quite a lot for what the title makes it out to be…but I did get it for free when i bought something else…or maybe I bought it cuz it was really cheap….i actually sadly can’t remember…but pretty sure it was a purchase at target of something and for some reason the dictionary came with it…..’iono clark’….)))

I don’t think anyone can argue with that….destiny is destined…inevitably fate……..

I bet you wouldn’t like to know more? hmm 😉

(((((((((((( imaginary person reading this…you ever get into that infinite loop where you look up a word..that is defined by 1-3 other words…that you then look up…which give you another 1-3 words per word that you had to look up (well not have to but you chose to because you’re inquisitive or just a dumbass)…and eventually around 45 minutes later, okay or maybe 15 minutes later…if it’s less than that you read faster than I do…or weren’t as fascinated by the journey in a loop as i…., you end up with a definition that is essentially…. A to the b times c = the absolute value of d…which ends up being a. I’m sure there’s a better mathematical equation there  than how I chose to write it out…but IF you’ve ever looked up a word…or let’s say 125 words…if you’ve looked up 125 words over your lifetime in a dictionary you HAVE experienced the definition loop that brings you back to where you started with… a choose your own adventure book where you’re not REALLY choosing ‘your own adventure’….and we all know everyone who read those books cheated by holding a finger on the page with the choices and if your first choice ended in death or something undesirable you flipped back and went to the other choice……but in some cases both choices ended badly and you had to go back even further……… the end of the day isn’t that what life is? A series of choices that you can ultimately go back on?….((((((((yes I know in a literal sense that’s not true for some things…but for massive amounts of things it IS fuckin true…))))))))))))))))))))))))

[[[[what a hot mess that last paragraph/stanza/rant/whatever is….I’m obviously in love with my own perceived genius…..especially bring us back to the point that no body is reading this anyway……although I have confidence at some point in time it will be seen by other eyes…….it’s just destiny by definition… about that shit..hmm…how about that shit]]]]

Thank you. I could be certifiable. I could be genius. I could just be another asshole that thinks the world ends and begins from my fingertips…but after all it really does….if the world is my world….the world can be your world too….we are all really kind of in our own world….unless you’re like one of the worker bees in a cult or something…..also if you’re’re kind of in a group effort other world….but I’m not amish so maybe there are tons of independently thinking amish people that just fear something so much that they believe that lifestyle is a better one….I’m not going to say it’s not….but I am saying I doubt it is…..

(((((((((((((an escape for the voices in my head is better than no escape at all….look a fire…let’s run to the fire escape…let us escape before there is no escape probable……you and i just escaping…..(((blues traveler eat your heart out))) ))))))))))))))))))))))))))){{{the endless possibilities of escappppping…escaping]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

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  1. jahwoo says:

    i reallllly wish this shit wouldn’t change my formatting every time I freaking edit it…..kind of changes the artistic statement I was making….ass licker

  2. hahaha you still write the same!

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