memories of the warped tour past……and other random record related rambleing

Going through my record collection; a task that’s literally taking forever (not because I have so much music BUT because I listen to records so not all that often..and I insist on ghetto cataloging them by way of a word file with a list of what i own ((which at one point I had the bin number and details about the record..that’s still in the long term plans)) )

anywho…I just had played an untitled pennywise 45 featuring a cover of stand by me on the b-side. This momentarily made me flash back to a more innocent time..or at least A time when I WAS still a kid. Warped tour 96. I don’t remember a whole shit ton of exact details about said event…actually I’ll bullet point them for shits and maybe a giggle after I make this point. The cover of stand by me reminded me of when they played at some point in their set they asked for someone from the crowd who knew the song to come sing it…well the person came on stage and if I remember correctly only knew the chorus portion and really only knew the first one of that so he basically sang that same bit 4 or 5 times…now let’s get to the bullet points in no real particular order.

*It was held in the parking lot of the Tacoma Dome…which incidentally was hot as shit…I don’t know if it was in fact hot as shit that day OR the fact the host asphalt reflecting the sun made it as such but it DID lead to a utility worker busting out a hose and dousing a few of us lucky event goers who were around at that point. incidentally or coincidentally the woman that was doing the hosing was a friend or acquaintance of my aunt. Also my sister or part of my sister, like an arm, ended up in the newspaper during that occurrence happening.

**During the deftones I was waiting in line to get something to drink. The set up allowed for everyone to STILL hear the bands IF they were in the concession stand alley…this was after all only the 2nd year of the warped tour and the first where it had gone like full fledged tour however it wasn’t the over hundred bands playing 20 minutes monster it has become today; BACK to my point though. I was waiting in line and I don’t remember if I watched a song or two before going to get something to drink BUT I do remember thinking and I’m sure commenting on how ‘hard’ their music was…now..looking’s kind of laughable BUT looking at their first two albums…they were, or chino was, a much angrier band. The music WAS pretty hardcore compared to most of what was going on that day..or at least the bands we were excited to see…((which sadly were the bands we knew from either survival of the fattest or punk o rama….ah…again..innocence..naivety, not that I didn’t know a bit about true punk but..I didn’t go as deep into a lot of genres as I now do, I think what made us want to go was simply goldfinger, nofx, and maybe pennywise? A few other bands had songs on those and a few other comps..and that my friends…is history))

***Fishbone closed out the show. At the time I was like WTF and wow are they gay. I still don’t consider myself a fishbone fan but appreciate a tad more what they did for the whole ska meets punk meets whatever scene. Actually both me and my sister were kind of WTF and this is a band our half retarded cousin would probably enjoy. And the people that WERE loving on and moshing for them…well what a person like myself might call a bunch of scrounges. BUT here’s the kicker to all of that nonsense. The lead singer dude pushed SO HARD for everyone to rush out and buy their new album “Chim Chim’s bad ass revenge” that…I still recall that fact, I just mentioned the album, I know the name of the album, and well…I still do NOT own it 🙂 . There are a few fishbone songs I can tolerate…maybe I wouldn’t mind seeing them again for say a 15 minute set…but DEFinitely still not a fan. Even though there are quite talented musicians that came out of the band; the fact that the lead singer or the hype man was such an asshole about their new album that day left a proverbial bad taste in my mouth for them though. (((see also monster magnet…a band my sister affectionately still calls monster faggot…a band who’s album at said time of relentless pimping I bought and loved..hell still probably love but never listen to ((power trip; space lord is the song you would know)) I was saying see also them for a band who wouldn’t stfu about their album and left a bad taste…I think there might be only two of the hundreds of bands I’ve seen that annoyed me that much)))…there I go again all over the place….point was..fishbone..I don’t want your god damned album…thanks 😀

****The Drummer for goldfinger pulled out his dick on stage and pissed in a water bottle. Incidentally years later he shoved a twinkie in his ass and had someone eat it out of his ass? Maybe he pulled it out and ate any case I witnessed the drummer of goldfinger expose himself twice in my life.

***** Red five. Another band that said please go buy our album ‘it’s only 5.99 ((or something like that)’ good deal back in the day. I liked them. I DID buy their album. STILL a good album. Often I wonder what became of the people in the band. Had a chick lead singer who was kind of hot. ((not why i bought the album though)) During their set the bass was so booming it made me feel like i was going to throw up..or you know I experienced that whole lump in the throat thing that happens sometimes when you have trouble digesting food…because of the bass. Yep.

Okay…this could be totally to be continued…there are surely other things…I’m surely to lazy to not keep writing (((yes..that makes total sense to me even as i typed it))). SO let’s just continue but stop with my * bullets because..well…we know nobody really cares about them…so how about just more random but not so random shit? Shall we.

Rocket from the Crypt. Came out in matching suitish attire..blew my young mind away. Bought a 45 or two simply because I had seen them years earlier. Don’t own any actual albums…ironic twist of fate that they are a san diego band whom I never did manage to see again despite the fact I’m sure I had at least a few chances while I was in the military. I’m really not sure how I feel about any of their music when I happen to hear a song…however I DO remember them kicking massive amounts of ass.

Unwritten Law. I have conflicting information but I think they were there and they played. Actually am quite sure because I have the scrape of paper from said show ((or I transferred the info to a scrape of paper from the original source)) with * ratings for each of the bands. Unwritten Law was one of the bands I liked. Okay someone familiar with me might say or think. But there IS an ‘okay’ to that to expand upon (((of course there is if there wasn’t why would i keep babbling about it???))). So the first time I saw unwritten law in san diego. I wasn’t a fan of what i saw. I didn’t know the songs. I felt like an outsider because the vast majority of the crowd were there for them and like candy to a flames moth. A chick i used to talk to (((there’s a story all of it’s own that can cover 100,000 words))) kind of got me into them a bit more…Least it sound like I dig a band cuz of a chick ((although there’s a few bands that COULD be said about))((((but if the band sucked…I wouldn’t like them just cuz of a bitch..ya know))))…getting back on track it wasn’t only was that they proceeded to blow me away the next time or two I saw them…maybe it was only the 2nd san diego show where it was a totally different experience..I probably knew the songs…they definitely destroyed….anywho. Unwritten law. I liked in 96. I didn’t in 98 when I didn’t quite remember having seen and liked them in 96 ((so I obviously didn’t fall in love with them but they were like one of the highlighted bands of which there were maybe 5 that my notes suggested I was like WOAH they kick ass))..and by 99 I was in love with them and to this very day they remain one of my favorite bands. Not counting the current version of the band that only has scott remaining of the original line up..and even he was not one of the OG from the first form of the band. ((I haven’t seen the current version of the band..I’ve only had one chance and didn’t have a lot of cash so didn’t feel bad supporting what isn’t even the band that made the album that scott and crew were touring in support of. They might be okay or even great. But to me they will NEVER truly be UL with those members. A lot of people said the same about the band when wade left but the fan base didn’t die off all that much that i saw…in this case however I think a lot of fans DO and ARE holding a grudge against scott for making 2 guys quit that have been there for quite a long time)).

Hmm…I’ve become lost in my own mind…that’s gotta suck if you’re reading all this nonsense…so much so I got lost I didn’t change the record I just flipped it back over to the first side again and after that ended..I’ve had tv noise in the background but no more music..I gotta get back on that…..and the band I just listened to was ‘strike force’ A band that almost nothing I can find on the internet about but whom have 3 pretty decent songs on 45 I got at hot topic  circa 97 or later that was only a buck. one of those diamonds in the rough….


Am I the only one out here in the world that finds it odd that some 45’s play at 45 while others play at 33 1/3?…and still some others one side is 45 the other is 33….weird right?

I think at this time I AM going to be continued…but then I’m going to actually keep writing…and when i post this as a blog….It’s going to be posted at the same time…but just possibly in two parts..maybe more…we shall see right? Since I don’t have the inter-webs at home and it will be a few days before I get to go abuse the library internet I could very well write a damn novel before I get around to posting it..

But seeing as it’s being read by no one it doesn’t really matter now does it 😉

toodles to you the reader..but to me the writer the madness continues…

((so yeah if anyone reads this and desires more..ask and ye shall receive…I’d also just like to add the fact that red five is a star wars reference for those who don’t catch that…I’m not sure if that was an accident or on purpose when they named their band..probably on purpose…but who knows?))

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