traveling 900 mph in the wrong direction in my head

shit ton of miniscule things running through my head…maybe not so miniscule to myself but most definitely in the scheme of all things life…

things like what you may wonder

being told to ask about a spot on h2o’s guest list about a month ago on the night before the show they play..but finding out there ARE in fact single day tickets being sold for the event they are playing that generally you can only by a 3 day pass for….

no big deal to you right…kind of a big deal to me…I effing love the band..I’ve got one of their album covers, of sorts at least, embedded into my skin…the chances to see them in the northwest since my return from the military have been mostly few and far between ((this is the 3rd that I can recollect…the first being opening for boxcar racer and I went ot that show basically just to see h2o..could care less about boxcar racer..matter of fact missed korn playing down the street in tacoma that same night in favor of going to see h20…granted I’m not a die hard korn fan but I do have all their albums…..and i chose h20 playing an opening spot rather than korn headlining a show…go figure right?)

variation of this  which can be seen somewhere on my fb if one cares

to much in between the ()’s as always…as I began to say h20 has only played twice in the last ten years that i know of..the first i went to..the 2nd I think I couldn’t afford to go..and this…well now it might all hinge on fate…and I may have to temp fate by asking if they got a guest list spot for me or not because it seems I can try to buy a single day ticket…

in my mind I go as far as asking if I could help them out in some way if they hook it up…i already not entirely sarcastically said I would dance a jig or something for them if they hooked it up (((for the record I didn’t ask that to begin with I only asked why/suggested they should play another northwest show while they were here and they told me they weren’t allowed to but that’s what guest lists were for)) I would totally help them load in or load out…and definitely will buy their exclusive made for this event northwest themed h2o shirt…but if I gotta buy a ticket I can’t really afford to do that…and the money from the merch goes more directly to them than a ticket bought for a show with 12 bands or something crazy on the bill..right? But do I say all that or just say what’s up with the guest list homies…I can totally try and get a ticket if you tell me it ain’t gonna happen….

those or these are the things I worry about…

what that’s not enough? okay…so I’m also overly concerned about big in the tv show I don’t shut up about through the year on the social networking sites…I feel, in some part of my being, it IS my effing destiny to be on the show…stupid to many or most I know..NOT however stupid to me….maybe it’s all the anticipation of not knowing that is a pain in the ass more than the knowing of not… if I knew the show was cast and there was no more chance for me coming this summer…I could get over that…until than part of my mind will be obsessing; this would imply i haven’t been chosen….I don’t know that i have or haven’t been chosen…I may not know that until the show starts…but then of course I would know a bit before then….

HEY and on that note….let’s join the conspiracy of reality in my head…I wasn’t scheduled at all this week for my very part time job…I was told they aren’t hitting their numbers so even some people working 5 days are down to 4…..which is totally NOT the same category of my working 2 or 3 days a week and now working zero….but I digress to progress or vicea versea….in my head, before learning why i wasn’t scheduled, I made myself believe that meant people from cbs had called them and said HEY leave his schedule open because we are going to call him……oh but wait…maybe that DID in fact happen….If it did I wouldn’t be allowed to talk about it anyway..and thus writing any of this would get me disqualified….so that leads me to another thing…

what if my writing this, or something before this, got me somehow disqualified before I even had become qualified?….hmmm….WHAT IF a big brother producer that was looking at my online presence because I was (of course) being greatly considered happens to read these very words and then decides…well he fucked up and said something he shouldn’t have…

to much fuckin time on my hands right?

So the complete series of hogan knows best, all three of em, for 2.99 is a hell of a bargain right ?…never mind the fact that their marriage fell apart shortly after and really during the taping of said show…still entertaining enough for 3 bucks..even though I saw most of the episodes when they aired on tv…… yeah….


where was I?

Anyone else not spend any of their existence or time only worrying and/or thinking about things that mean nothing in the bigger picture of life?. . . Not saying that I consider that true of myself..because actually of course these are all important things to my life and the existence of the world….kind of like touch but more centered on me…aren’t we all centers of a whole world of existence at the end of the day?

And why the hell does the voice over AND scenes in the trailer AND making sure to point out it’s brought to us by nothing but make battle ship look like transformers the prequel?…I think they are doing that on purpose to sucker in transformers fans….maybe it will tie i son they can release…”transformers battleship” the home game?


Let’s end this there…I think enough of the demons in the form of words have escaped my head for now…probably not at all in actuality…but…let’s just recap for shits and maybe a giggle

unimportant stuff I’m worrying about

1. Do I buy a single day ticket I can’t quite afford for a show that I was somewhat implicated into believing I may be able to get on a guest list for? And/or do i wait until the day before like I was told/asked to do or ask now a week before said show so I can know for sure what’s up AND if I do i say I found out i can maybe get a single day ticket so i need to know..blah blah blah blah

2. My mind is infected with big brother. If I do get on; that will remain true. If I don’t get on. That will also remain true. It nearly spills over into all reality programming but the obsession is primarily big brother and the amazing race…both shows I know I can get on and think I would enjoy. (((on that note survivor I rarely watch, barely or rarely enjoy, and yet…the next survivor open casting that comes around…I think I’m going to have to go)))

3. My barely job isn’t really doing me as much good as it should but due to other stupid stuff on my mind the effort to find another job isn’t going or happening quite like it should…

4. To tie the 2nd and 3rd point in…my plans for the summer should be obvious…but until I know those plans are happening or not happening…it disables me from finding something to fill the void….I should assume the worst but that doesn’t make me focus less on things I shouldn’t focus so much on to begin with and worry about those that I should……or something like that

5. Battleship is transformers with a different name

yep…that about sums it all up

peace out motha fuckas’

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