the liberty tax weirdo and the little caesars pizza girl; a love story (of sorts)

it was a cold overcast afternoon… it wasn’t..

it was a sunny bluster day…ah it wasn’t that either

it was just a day..a day like any ….hmm…also cliche….

let’s reboot this story

alright…hot set…actors ready…and 3, 2, 1


it all started out like any other day for brenda…she got up did her morning routine and went to work; work for her at this point in life was waving a sign pimping little caesars pizza about a block away from the establishment…

across town another person was getting up and doing his routine….let’s call him bill…bill was, at this time, dressing like the statue of liberty pimping a tax preparation ‘store'(?)…ironically or not enough…on the opposite corner, in an angular fashion, of where brenda shook her sign…

just then a kid on a bike rode by…singing crash by dave matthews..and non ironically enough…crashed into the side of a bus….this led to brenda and bill, good or at least common courtesy having folk, to run to the assistance of the boy on the bike….

and then it happened..they looked into each others eyes..and
well..that’s the end of the story…..I’d like to tell you they ended up hooking up and having a long and fruitful life together….buuut….sadly, or not so sadly, there happened to be a passenger on the bus with a nuclear device and when the bike crashed into the side of the bus and all the commotion went down, more so when the authority’s and such showed up, he panicked and set off his nuclear device…..killing everyone in a 64 block radius…so…so much for happy (fucking) endings…right?

Well there was an upside to all of this…the particular neighborhood that was destroyed by the blast was actually contaminated earlier by a new airborn disease ((you might say an ‘airborn toxic event’ had occurred..hahaha))…and the nuclear fall out actually killed said disease thus saving the rest of the nation…or vicinity

moral of the story today…it isn’t so ironic….dontcha think?

annnnnnnnnnnd fin ~

(((((cliche upon cliche…a brilliant idea inspired by truth..crushed, as per always, by my genius…yeah that’s it…it’s NOT that I’m totally fucking lazy when it comes to writing something…hahaha and ha 😀 ))))))

(((also to add of note..this concept is inspired by in fact seeing the two weirdos shaking their signs across the street from each other..but while reading mindy kaling’s book…around the ‘types of women in romantic comedies who aren’t real’ chapter, actually mid reading that, i set off on writing a spec of my film concept that will surely be stolen by someone and made to happen…..that’s right…her book or her writing hath inspired my writing…..that’s almost like stealing…or she became a temporary muse…a muse whom if she saw what i just wrote would probably be less than impressed…but that’s both fine and dandy or all good…for I will continue to be crushed by my genius…hahahahaha and ha a last time)))

Tis fin ~~~~~~

[[[but wait just one more last thing, anyone who has read my writings..knows I do this shit more specifically inspired to write by “They would all kill themselves, which would actually be kind of an interesting movie.”  ((pg-103))…I think I agree…quite a bit…often times with peoples faux movie pitches…I often and nearly never am inspired to steal said concepts and write up something that would be my interpretation….after all concepts are merely concepts and it’s what a particular artiste’ brings to the table,or not, that fleshes out a concept into an actual….something more than concept; right? That being said, again I shall say and/or point to said fact, I can’t write screenplay ((( i didn’t say that yet but that was implied)))…..if I could…I would have thousands upon hundreds upon hund.r.e.d….wait…maybe dozens of them laying around… fact I have about one full fledged intended to be a film movie started script…that I misplaced (((those in the know know of this legendary idea that would be a nod to the blob and films of that ilk)))..and i’ve written a few..very FEW less than acts like acts of dialogue that are randomly here and there…….but point being…..mindy’s book is quite entertaining and you should give it a try if you think it might be something that would interest you.

and fin ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

((sickening to think i spent about 20minutes typing up this nonsense….but I am a genius..and that genius has to HAS to be uncorked sometimes))

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