“Big Brother”…obsession? ((((a lot of words saying a lot of nothing and my insight into things I’ve for the most part only speculated…uhm hmm))))

[[[[see also...I've gone and talked to a camera set up by the local CBS affiliate, I've submitted a video online, and now I've experienced small group lightly interrogated by someone from casting....so what is factual...clearly that...and I don't even go to much specifically into any of those things...and I'm writing THIS after I've finished writing all you see below..haha...but previous posts have gone into detail in regards to talking to the camera set up by the local CBS affiliate....submitting online is pretty self explanatory but I might have wrote something about that...and lastly....I don't go into much detail about my specific experience however there's speculation of others experiences and/or I may too have also written about that previously...before actually getting to experience it...if not..or even if so...it's possible it could be written about at some point in the future...it's possible too it may not be...more so in actuality whether or not it will be posted because OF COURSE I'll write about it...it just may not see the light of blog...uhm hmm...enjoy below..or don't...if you read only this you got 90% more from this than what you will below...bah ha ha...hahaha....hahahahahahhahah....and ha..and double ha....leave it to me to write a prescript after writing the ***Spoiler alert*** postscript/footnote.....and pointing out said fact I've done so ;-D ]]]]]

I’ve written about my thoughts and/or experiences and/or whatnot about big brother previously. Some of that has been posted here..some elsewhere..some not at all..but since this is my blog it bears repeating and ..I do what I want :D

It’s unclear if my passion for the show shines through in my video submissions or most recently at an event featuring actual casting people…It is clear to at least some of the people who were in line around me…they could see it..or hear it..lol… It’s also clear that some of the douchehats in line wanted noting to do with my funny reminiscence of when I convinced someone waiting in line beside me that big brother LOVES casting sociopaths or psychopaths so much to the degree of when his time came to say his spiel to the camera..he yelled about how nuts and crazy and how he doesn’t care about anyone but himself ((i had also said something about..or went deeper into sociopaths or psychopaths only care about themselves and I always mix those two up..but point being..IF I didn’t influence him…quite a bit of irony there))

Now..one might say…that up above…that’s giving away my story..that someone could read and steal…or for example while waiting in line bsing with dude talking about strategies….one could think that I gave something away….to the point where the group I was in all said they’d vote me out first when asked…the reasoning from a couple of them was because ‘we know all your plans’…but really..I think it’s fear of the superfan….CLEARLY fear of the superfan…. When I do eventually ((never say never…ha)) find myself in the big brother house…chances are I wouldn’t come out guns blazing….but there’s a balance you can’t come in and lay back to much..at least not in the beginning…..there within you COULD claim you know exactly how I’d play the game….but really Iiii don’t even know how I’d REALLY play the game…and per the example just given..I touched upon quite a few things….maybe even said I’d float while pulling strings…or I’d make a final whatever alliance ((((it’s all about the trilogy of course…that I’m fine with expressing and sharing…while though i showed the person I was bsing with my overly drawn ridiculously long thought out mathematical equation/diagram/chart of what my master plan would be..unless he has super memory and got a clear look…which he seemed to barely glance at it….and EVEN If he did….it’s an idea so ridiculous it would never actually work…..but there within lies the brilliance too…itinit?))))

In case we haven’t noticed I’m bouncing around a bit..or not quite centered on a direction or point….but as I notice..and know….chances someone is reading all, most, or any of this is quite slim…sure you asshats LIKE my post in an attempt to make me like your shit back..or follow you back..or…whatever…but as NO ONE ever leaves a fucking comment when specifically I’ve asked for that in the past in previous entries……clearly you’re not really reading…so fuck you very much :D….tangent non adverted but tanget fin…and now back to your regularly non scheduled rambling…

where were we? My passion for the show shines through to people that aren’t the people that can get me on the show; In spite or despite my ‘you never know who could be someone’ point of view…..and the fact that I tell that to people..thus calling myself out ((((but hey…respect a bit ain’t it? IF they are someone..and I reveal to that someone that IS someone.that I think anyone could be someone…..would it really be something that could be cast against me? I don’t think so..but then I’m not casting the show….of course if I were….I’d think I’m pretty damn worthy….haha))))

point we were getting to earlier but I didn’t actually say….”Controversy creates cash”…. better everyone would vote for me than none of them……or maybe not..but…thinking as a viewer…I’d like to see people that quickly could get a group against them….because within that anti holds power…yeah all of them would vote me out first..but not if I was HOH and they didn’t have that choice….that question “who would you vote out first”..is a redonkulous leap anyway as the only time I can remember someone being sent packing without getting a chance to save themselves with the veto…was when Dan sent Jodi packing…People do get backdoored but the pace of things in big brother….I could be public enemy number one in week one..but easily slip back (((based on how often it happens…as not only I yell at the tv “these people are fucking stupid”)) to low priority……and then that’s how floaters on survivor and big brother get way further than they ever should……superfan you’re a target….because non superfan that was recruited suddenly wants to be on the show more than you do (I do)….ooooh that brings me to….

The amount of churn I’ve seen…..Oh so many people wether recruited or pushed or proded into applying for Big Brother (or survivor..or amazing race..or you know most any reality show)…Yep I’m just saying me personally….two years ago as far as I could tell via social networking and who I saw in Puyallup…me and 3 other people came back two years later (((and for me it was year 3….I’m assuming for them too….but…i digress to progress and ….)))….Sure it could have been 12 or 20…but at the same time it looked like only about 150 people showed up anyway…..survivor got easily ten times that…..or maybe five…lol…amazing race too….3-5 times as many….It takes a special kind of crazy to want to do Big Brother I reckon……but anywho and in any-case….too based on social network creeping (((not really creeping so much as seeking….game is always on….ALWAYS)))….there’s not to many people I’ve come across at the same level of “passion” for the game of big brother……100 people could roll out of the cracks and prove me wrong…but let’s go with I’ve seen proof of around a dozen……then there’s maybe another half dozen who ACT like they are…but they say nothing about big brother except for a two week campaign where they suddenly are superfans……yep…you’re not..you’re just fucking poseurs………..;;;;;bringing me back to my initial point in this paragraph… And I have to say too I’m fine with people who aren’t superfans getting a shot…duh…I’m not so fine with asshats that were recruited and there interest is based on and peaked solely by the $$$$ and possible celebrity ((((see also a posting on Craigslist I stumbled upon where the focus WAS completely on the money over anything else….’do you want to win half a million dollars? would you like to be on tv…’…smh)))…..back to where i was headed…it’s understandable and possible…highly plausible some of the passionate people made it to the semi final round a few times and got sick of not getting on….but in my world that’s also..not quite acceptable…were I to be a semifinalist multiple times….there probably would be a point where I said the fuck with this BUT if there was nothing stopping me from continuing to do so…..I think I’d keep going…

way off point….this probably won’t even be posted….bah hahahahaha…but if you’re reading it clearly has been…

Pooooooint was being…..the one try and no dice folks….I guess I get that….but they also piss me off when for that one try they are all gung ho..and than a year later..ZERO interest displayed by them for the product….Clearly “oh that’d be fun to try out..even though I don’t really give a shit one way or another..but I could really use the money and exposure….” people. Granted you could say I’m guilty of that to an extent…I went to a survivor casting call and proceeded to say I’m not all that into survivor….but there was an arch at work there…and that arch is developing nicely…and in doing thus….creating a story arch or background..or storyline that could help get me on something….. Big brother is my priority…amazing race would be fun….survivor I’d do just to do….so take that as you will…or won’t….

I’ve grown weary of spewing words through or via and by way of my fingers…. I over-think EVERYTHING…sometimes incidentally sometimes on purpose….the over thinking I’ve put and experienced in regards to Big Brother is probably in of itself quite crazy. There’s a good chance someone who was a douche..maybe someone who knows and who was being real with me…..chance one all or both of those people could poo poo my destiny. Nobody REALLY seems to be all that behind me or…believe that much in the possibility I could get on Big Brother. I do though and that’s kind of all that really matters at the end of the day….but then there’s a fine line between passion and obsession itinit? Like if I got to whatever point and I was told “you should just stop because you’ll never be on this show”….but then a story from a survivor contestant suggests he was told just that but he eventually made it (((also a few others allegedly the same thing)))…..beating them over the head until they are sick or annoyed of you “BAD” and yet but then…..can also work in your favor…I’m not nearly as crazy or obsessive as those people who try to start a twitter campaign or facebook campaign to get on a show….allegedly that doesn’t and would never work anyway/either/too but….there’s a fine line between getting noticed and getting blacklisted I reckon….. I’m to lazy to cross that line into inappropriate levels…at the end of the day they want who they want and I am who I am…..if they don’t want what I got…..”their loss not mine’….hahahaha….

above also I was going to go down a road of…fan fic levels of things…..the way my getting on the show would play out….the greatest bit of which given my current almost occupation…in how I would receive my key…… In lesser terms…..fantasies of getting a phone call that says…no need for quarter final interrogation we’re flying you to L.A. for the semi final finals..or is that finals? It’s unclear if you go a to b to c to do…or abc….but in some cases people went directly to the last round (? or still would be semi final….as final means you’re on the show…unless one thinks in terms of “final casting round”…in which case that’s of course what I mean)

In any case…I want to get the fly to Los Angeles experience….and on that note I see far to many people over the social networks boasting about “I was a semi finalist last year..blah blah blah blah”….most often times boasting to the head of casting…and I’m like…uhhhh….what? (((okay less often than more that’s the case…but you get the point…or you don’t..in which case all hope for your understanding is lost anyway)))….

As per my over-thinking….I often wonder but most often as I’m in the process of typing….do my big brother themed blogs do more to hurt me than they do to help me? I’m sure it’s probably neither but were I told by someone from casting that my babbling is counterproductive to the cause…..I’d likely stop posting them…lol….but as I don’t say HEY KASSTING LOOK AT MY BLOG SEE HOW PASSIONATE I AM…the chance of them seeing them is even slimmer than the chance you’re reading this now ((((unless of course they were…or you are…in which case….well..there you go))))… Marketplace of opinions itinit? Back to that thought..were I told ‘you’ll never make it’…I’d PROBABLY eventually say the hell with this..but then again…maybe not….back to the previous pile of words and I always wonder and oft think……if you made it to semi finals last year….don’t you know better than to brag (or that in doing so) about how last year you made it to semi finals? Robin all the time says don’t post shit about casting..don’t post shit about casting…. ((and yet…look at meeee….but I’ve not signed any non disclosure nor have I experienced anything that I was told not to talk about…so….there you go…..also more detailed postings and information than the nonsense I post exists out there…mostly I post speculation….))…and yet people post A LOT more than they probably should…..”I was a final finalist last year”….well thanks for sharing asshat and now by doing so you’ve taken yourself from the hmmm this person was almost good for us last year but this year….they spilt the beans…..those are some of those people I think might not really give a shit anyway…clearly…..in spite of my weariness I’ve managed to type 3 or 4ish more stanzas…I will virtually “stfu” now but leave with one closing thought and that’s back on the “i was a semi finalist”…..I think most of those people claiming that in very public forums/social networking/whatever… they actually only got to step two of 4 or 5….they got to talk to a camera or they got a bigger question packet ((if they still do that…back in the day the online application had a 25-50 question portion of the app…now they let you submit a video and a pic or two online answering barely anything….clearly at some point more questions are asked…maybe none of it is written now….clearly this is my speculation but….sources out there suggest recently still the step 2.5 or 3 has a bit of that..on that see my postscript..of footnote..or whatever))….where was I going….I wonder/guess/think that 85% of those “I was a semi finalist” people are full of shit….or exaggerating the truth…..or don’t give a shit….or maybe are even plants…lol….disinformation for the win……ANYWHO….

“would you like to know more” if you read my footnote/postscript…than you clearly do (or then….yep I still fuck up then and than…but there are cases, I argue anyway, by definition of terms….either or could work)

this is the postscript….bazinga…As far as my understanding goes of the casting process for 2 of the 3 CBS shows goes….and of course there are variations but let’s pretend you’re johnny standard that isn’t recruited….and goes through the entire process…uhmkay.

1. Apply. (duH)
2. Step 2 featuring in person locally with casting people, or talking to a camera but via the casting people, phone interview, and/or Skype interview.
3. You’re flown to L.A.
4. You either make it through however many days there are to get through and become part of the final pool of 1 and a half to twice as many housguetss as there actually will be or you’re sent home before getting that far.
4b. You go back home and wait for that “you made It” call..or for them to show up and give you your key….or more so it seems…..you wait for them to arrange a heavily edited and totally phony promo of you receiving your key….lol (((or in the case of the coaches season…you’re slip letting you know you’ve got “a chance at receiving your key’…or wtfever it was it said))
5. Welcome to the big brother house….

okay..so..see my point from earlier… 4 could be considered “semi finals” but if you’re sent home on day one…..I wouldn’t consider it that…really like quarter finals..but then…..i don’t know. Is it possible I know too much about the casting process? Is it more likely I’m totally wrong about the casting process? Am I revealing anything that isn’t already out there? (nope I’m not)….I’ve thus far in my life made it only as far as…step 1ish….since the casting call/event/whatever Saturday included people from casting….that’s a little more maybe like 1b…. face time with people who decide or have input into deciding who’s going to be on the show clearly is a step above simply submitting a video..at least I think so…it sure as hell was/is/will be in perpetuity through my eyes at least…because I KNOW I was heard…even if I wasn’t heard….I know at least I’m not on a laptop screen to some intern ((((as I always imagine it the first level of casting is actually interns watching the thousands of submissions first))) who has the volume on 2….and whom is programed to tune out after 35 seconds……and then…pbthh…..;;;;I don’t doubt the dedication of casting folks for “reality” tv shows…buuuut. Clearly not many people are setting eyes on thousands of tapes for 3 minutes at a time. To believe that would be foolish…if in fact there is someone who watches EVERY SINGLE VIDEO..and watches EVERY SINGE SECOND of every video…kudos…..but I don’t believe that’s happening….and the fact that the casting call with casting people (((for multiple shows based on what I’ve read more so than experienced of course)))…merely take a group and barely take any info from you….and they’re not taping you…..well there you go. So on that note…i feel it’s ALWAYS important to give a shout out to the interns, mail clerks, and other part time employees that might be first seeing your video….if I’m wrong I’m an asshole and as soon as that shout out comes they probably press stop or skip or next….or whatever…..but if I’m right..even a little bit..it’s gota work in my favor…..right?



[[[[Bonus thought....that could be recovered in a future post about more specifically my experience(s) Saturday...but if that doesn't happen...again I feel like I likely influenced someone to say something they may not have already planned on saying....I was talking about how if you're a gay black man you likely have a few bonus points in your favor....of course you still have to have some flavour to add to your favor..but none the less...I digress...one of my group said "I'm a triple minority"....and well..there you go. It's probably possible she wouldn't have said that had she overheard things I was saying....It's a pretty no shit thing imo but 3 of 5 in my group weren't superfans..."triple minority" was one of those three ((((actually I was the only full on gung ho "I'M A SUPERFAN"...the other dude was like..well 'i guess given the choices I must be a superfan')))). So I'm just saying...my bullshitting while waiting could "hurt" my chances..but I think it potentially gives me fuel to my fire and storyline/arch. I influence others spouting what as far as they know is correct information...those who listen I could easily spread disinformation....and in that....or by my saying that one could ASSUME they know what my strategy in the game would be BUUUT...best laid plans mean NOTHING at all in the Big Brother house. Fake strategies are strategic in their own right...and that's all I've got for the bonus thought at this time]]]]

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Don Jon: a short(ish) half assed “review”…(((with bonus insight through my eyes))) Annnd BONUS bonus I review quotes on the dvd….

But before I get into that…remember my best, worst, and other of 2013 list? It might show up by the end of this month…none of you and no one out there cares…but I do..so i MUST follow through…haha….anywho…

Don Jon.

I watch most everything to begin with…I enjoy JGL. This was one of those I definitely want to and will see flicks…buuut….It definitely leaves a lot to at least something to be desired. The character of Don Jon is a douchebag that loves porn. Nay He’s addicted to porn. In my world stating that COULD be considered mildly spoiley as the trailers I saw nor the dvd case call him an addict….but 45 seconds into the movie or so…he all but admits to that fact. (((as far as I saw suggested he just realllly likes his porn)))….actually on the previous words spilled….the movie could be seen as “does this dude love porn or does he have a problem”….At the end of the day who gives a fuck? I mean really? If you’re a meathead doucefuck you might be brought to tears as you realize you struggle the same as the character does…If you’re me you’ll enjoy the flick just enough not to bash it while gaining nothing at all from it. Does it inform us? Nope. Does it entertain? That depends on the person but as I just said it’s just entertaining enough not to blast. Scarlett Johansson plays a bitch. Juliane Moore shows up as a woman with issues..see postscript for what could be considered a spoiler but only if you’re really stupid…..okay so more so my OPINION of something that happens actualyl touches upon something less obvious that I could also have made up…uhm hmm..intrigued yet? Proably not. If you like bad accents, doucebags, and dumb slutty “but I’m a good girl” bitches you’ll likely love the shit out of Don Jon but if you’re anything like me….you’ll be left saying…well okay than….  3 pornoriffic *’s out of 5.    [[[well acted I guess? Something was clearly written. Made me chuckle a few times. Left me saying 'well there you go'. In spite of my calling Jon a meathead douchefuck I don't/didn't hate the character..but those kinds of people and me...peas in a pod we aren't.]]]


***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************Barely spoiler opinion of what I witnessed unfold. Julianne Moore’s barely developed character, not to say you need more, we find out lost a son and husband….she fucks don jon…or don Jon fucks her…..sex between the two happens….but there’s a scene where she lovingly strokes his head as if….my son would have been about your age…you’re my baby boy…so clearly she wanted to fuck her son….or clearly she has intimacy issues….or clearly I’m just more fucked in the head than you and you and you…and you…but I’m sure I’m onto something with her seeing a bit of her son in Jon..but because she’s so damaged……the sex allows her to feel..something….he gets a bit of what he wants she gets a bit of what she wants…..”Winnning”…and in that…..one could go out and say WOW DEEP MOVING AMAZING movie….there’s not enough girth for that though….maybe if it was two hours long and more development happened….I can’t identify with any of them…so there you go…******************************************************************************
*************************************************************************** !!

just to make this longer…per the “”‘s on the dvd

“Hilarious”…nope…it made me chuckle..but there were no tears or bellyaches from the laughs delivered…nor was it really a laugh riot….most people..or Joe and Jane movie goer probably going to be more disgusted than they are going to be laughing…but this movie’s not for them BUT…they could inadvertently watch it….so…yeah

“Edgy”…….hmm..well see my postcript/spoiler rant up above…unless “Edgy” means a guy watching porn and wacking it is edgy…but if not..maybe I’m not alone in seeing much more than was intended to be seen…or something….

“Genuine” …that comes from variety…lol….anywho….genuine douchebags that exist in the actual world? Okay…. It’s like everything that’s bad about the jersey shore in the characters….uhm hmm….

“Smart”…. from entertainment weekly…i subscribe to ew ((though I get it free every year because I’m fucking magical))….I quite enjoy the magazine…although I think their movie reviews are mostly shit….their music reviews pretty shit..and…hmm…why do I love ew? (((pop culture awareness more than source of quality reading material..thanks for asking)))..Anywho; “Smart” not a word I would use to describe Don Jon…clearly ((it is clear isn’t it?))…

so..that’s right… Hilarious, edgy, genuine, AND smart. I’m not thinking hard about it..and nothing immediately jumps to mind…but are there movies that are simultaneously all four of those things? Granted four sources for those four words….(((ooh and one more that was covered up to follow this bit of words))….. Dogtooth I think is those four things though…now that I thought about it for a moment…maybe not all that geniuine..but it’s pretty effing hilarious, edgy, and smart…so see Dogtooth instead of don Jon if you have to pick one or the other…hahahahaha….but no seriously…see Dogtooth if you haven’t…than tell me how fucked in the head I am…and then read the spoilery/postscript above about Don Jon and understand the world I exist in. Uhmkay…i’ll wait.

Yeah so as I said one more word, it was covered up, “sexy”…there is t&a and lots of fucking…I guess that’s sexy….or Scarlett Johansson as long as she’s not talking is sexy…uhm hmm….


[[[[I of course know no one is reading...but if you did....how do you feel about bonus review content as I dispute or argue with quotes on the dvd case? It was good for me...not all dvds have them to rip on/argue with [rare occasions agree]…I’ve actually went off on quotations and/or blurbs within my reviews before…but I think as supplemental review information it’s even better….and thus even if you or someone else thinks it’s a horrible idea….look for it to become a reoccurring feature of my “reviews”…hahahahaha…thanks for reading….or not……..and ooooh how about a teaser?

On the cover of Jobs “Terrifically Entertaining”….the number of things wrong with that quote is quite amazing….uhm hmm….on that note…if i post a review about jobs….more will likely be said of the quotes on the dvd case than of the movie…hahahahhaha….. I watched it because I was hoping it would be terrible….I may or may not have been disappointed…I may or may not have tweeted something about it….hmmm ]]]]]

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What is you’re legacy?

That is the question at hand…or perhaps maybe and of course…what is MY legacy…but if someone reads this…the question is posed to you as well.

Everyone wants a legacy. Even those who claim they don’t. Those who do for others and care less about themselves…you’re either consciously and in denial or subconsciously trying to create and leave a legacy…

The shocking sudden death of Jim Hellwig/ “warrior” a.k.a. the ultimate warrior on Tuesday got me to thinking….really any time someone dies who had a decent to long life…or even a short life where they accomplished much and influenced or inspired…entertained..or something else masses of people….it makes me wonder. On the flip side of that coin..any time someone so young or so just right in the prime of their life that hasn’t quite accomplished anything amazing or notable but is on their way dies..and I wonder why…

Why am i still here? What have I accomplished? What have I brought to the Earth, world, friends, family, and/or strangers? One could interpret that/this as a “why am I here” hypothetical question…but it’s not. It’s more so why am I here but others aren’t?

If I were to die today, tomorrow, next week, next month, or sometime in the next year…what would I leave behind? A bunch of physical belongings…a bit of intellectual musings…nothing I can think of that would reflect or be my legacy. Perhaps maybe this blog could be…but then there’s not all that much I’ve posted here; Had not MySpace stolen all the users blogs and held them captive…I’d have that legacy (as I posted quite a more than just a few blogs over on MySpace)..but were I to keel over and die…as it stands (ironically as I keel) right now…my legacy would basically be nothing.

Now that previous statement could imply depression or one not thinking they are worth something. Quite the contrary…I am awesome…but in death…I would just be that….dead. In life I’m accomplishing a whole hell of a lot of nothing…my drive is attaining even the lowest level of d list celebrity….even saying that though that’s not true….I’d just like to have a few hundred people that hang on every word…that kiss my ass for who I am…that….wait no actually that’s not true either. I don’t really give to much shit about other people….I don’t really want them to care about me…I would like them to care about what I write or have to say however….and thus perhaps an epitome of irony….and probably not even remotely at all ironic….this here would be my legacy….


Shocking I’ve not really explored much of anything here within. People die and it used to effect me but now days….after 35 seconds of mourning..probably even less than that…. “r.I.p.” and I’ve moved on. I’ve been fortunate or unfortunate enough not to ‘lose’ too many people that were all that close to me….On the family side to that equation I’ve only lost an aunt, uncle, and grandpa…all of whom which an argument could be made that they had a good run ((in the case of my uncle perhaps the least true …but my grandpa was old and my aunt…wasn’t in the greatest place or situation for the value of life she was living….))…. What exactly is the point I’m making? I’ve reached an unhealthy level of jaded….someone dies…it’s probably sad for someone…someone dies that’s important somehow to my life…I can’t and/or don’t linger or dwell on it…but it does however fuck with my head sometimes….per the case I was making….why does someone with a family…young kids….tons of friends….and a legacy or something that contributes to an eventual legacy…die so randomly..but I, whom contributes a whole lot of nothing….who doesn’t have a family to support…who doesn’t really have any friends, how do I continue? Or why? My legacy seems to be growing to an advanced age and being a grumpy ornery…pissed off old man screaming at those “Damn kids” to get the hell off of my lawn…. I guess that’s not all that awful of a legacy at the end of the day…better to be hated than ignored… better to be annoying than receive indifference….better to have lived and made others miserable than lived and had no influence on others….


[[[[[[ I only briefly touched upon but the death of "warrior" really was the why to the thought process for this blog...that didn't really even come out anywhere near what was written in my head. He was 54...so one could argue it wasn't all that sudden....except of how literally sudden it went down. The scarier or more ironic part was his first appearance on Monday night raw the night before...his first return to wwe at the hall of fame a few days earlier...but and especially his first and sadly last appearance in a wwe ring on Monday night....the speech he gave/words he said/promo he cut.... "the warrior spirit will live on'.... it's a little bit eerie is my point. He said thank you and goodbye then less than 24 hours later...he died....sadder he has two young children that will live without their father.... an ideal / perfect example of "life is precious" or anything else that conveys that thought. Here today...easily gone tomorrow...but in his case and as well as others...the timing sometimes is ridiculous...ridiculous in it couldn't have been scripted better (or worse)..... "I'm sorry for what I did"..."I thank you all for your support"...."I'm here to announce...."...and then boom...you're dead;;;; I still didn't really go all that much into the inspiration....I will pointlessly add I think I was mere inches away from the ultimate warrior when he made an "in store appearance" back in the day...that was back before I was a full on wrestling fan and he just so happened to be where we were that day...or we didn't go because he was going to be there but we went there..and...hey look it's wwf superstar the ultimate warrior....although I feel like that happened too with randy savage..maybe it happened with both...maybe not...In any case I remember it happening...and there's evidence that exists that solidifies the fact it happened....I was near the warrior energy/aura....back on point with the subject header chosen....look up a few ultimate warrior promos on YouTube..especially if you've never done so and weren't there when they happened to witness them.....the legacy of batshit crazy promos...followed by even more bat shittier crazy behaviour.....that is the legacy.....or a part of the legacy...those who didn't follow him after he was no longer with the wwf....might not know the story of how he legally changed his name to "warrior" in an attempt to battle against vince McMahon for the rights over usage of the name.....crazy but maybe brilliantly so.....many probably don't know he returned to wrestling for a brief moment a few years back to become a world champion one more time.....hell many people that are currently fans of professional wrestling probably don't know much about his legacy..but they know he has one....and as all over the place as I went...or was....and am....that's probably my point...such a fitting tribute written really in an attempt at putting myself over....plenty of people have experienced and would/could attest that the ultimate warrior promos have nothing on some of the bizarre "weird" shit that has come out of my mouth....but the difference being.....I wasn't cutting a promo for millions of fans....thus what I said won't forever be remembered by masses....it will only be eventually forgotten by maybe a few......thus bringing us full cycle....

"would you like to know more"? }}}}}}

(((((((((((((((((((((((( funny enough...someone posted something on facebook about writing a paper on the film "would you like to know more" came from....one of the dumbass commenter's  [[plural of people who comment? spellcheck is failing me..thanks]]responded with “do you want to know more’ or something that was the incorrect quote…I ALMOST posted something to correct them….I AM totally that asshole..but for some reason I didn’t….maybe because I’d rather someone be incorrect than know the right thing and steal my thunder..hahaha..hahahahahaha….hahahahhahahhahaa…..but for reals… misquotes are awesome….especially when someone smugly says something to your face..and you know they’re wrong..thus you judge them an idiot..and feel even better by NOT calling them out on it…because you enjoy the fact that others will think them an idiot for getting it wrong…….when in reality most people probably won’t even realize they are wrong…but…in any case..yeah…..there you go ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

[[[[[bonus...no one ever calls me out on my use of "itinit"...by all reasonable logic that's not a word...it's just my version of innit..because it really sounds more like 'it-in-it'..so phonetically..you know...you might also notice my choice of behaviour over behavior..I think I just think British..or Canadian....itinit? :D ....see also flavour and colour....good times]]]]]

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Stream of conciousness….(this was written as)

Subject header is kind of what twitter is for itinit? So on that note before I ramble on follow me @originaljahwoo if you’d like..if not…I don’t particularly care either;;; chances are I probably won’t follow you back unless I see some shared bond between us..or if you happen to read this and decide to follow..let me know that’s why and I’ll likely follow back..

uhmkay…so moving on…

I’ve probably bitched about this or written about this in the past but…if not…((surely I did on myspace if not here…still want my blogs back myspace stole from me and everyone else who posted blogs on myspace))….I’ve come to realize…nay…I realized a long while back; never depend on anyone but yourself for anything. That way when someone fails you it’s only you that fails you…

And really there you have it…I could bitch and moan and complain for thousands of words quite possibly..and likely…but my irritation level is high today.;! Also it’d be great if when someone was asked a question and they clearly were leaning towards no that they would just say no chance in hell; then there would be no disappointment to be found…but again see above and that’s what happens if you depend or put faith in other people. Thus why I started going to concerts, movies, and various other events by myself. I learned with live music events in particular pretty quickly to not have faith in someone else…that led to lots of cases of me buying pairs of tickets just in case someone else wanted to go with..but then after losing/wasting enough money I came to the conclusion of ‘you know what; fuck em’….because if they really wanted to go they’d buy their own ticket…and if they really really really wanted to go they’d be able to find a ticket;;; Only one case maybe two ever where there was an event I wanted to go to and I hadn’t acquired a ticket before it sold out and in most cases by NOT buying ahead of time I ended up saving half the price of the ticket or more ((((particuarly proud of hundred dollar plus tickets I got for 20 bucks….one case of that was for ac/dc….one case where I was unable to get a ticket…was for the black eyed peas…ironic when you think about what one generally terms as quality and talented musicans…or not..but I’m sure most people think black eyed peas? bahhh ha hahahahahahaha….but then the same could be said about ac/dc couldn’t it?)))))


Anywho; there I went and made my point a paragraph longer than I needed to. If I’m an anti social, self centered, and whatever other negative toned adjective one could label someone it’s the fault of society or at least the members of society that constantly fucked me over in my life…..at the end of the day you can’t be disappointed in others you can only REALLY be disappointed in yourself and that’s the moral of today’s rant.

{{{{I’m less pissed than I might be implying…but I’m greatly annoyed and/or agitated as stated already…I could have “stayed in bed” rather than waking up in anticipation of MAYBE going to do something that was going on today…I also COULD have gotten myself there but it was one of those things that would have been more of a hassle than what the reward was worth..although I might have been well rewarded for my effort….maybe a 50/50 chance but in any case…I wasted ‘half the day’ sitting and waiting…so that was a nice big ol fuck off passively…oh and also because the person or persons that the annoyance stemmed from, as suggested above, didn’t give me a straight no or probably not..and then engaged in actions that made it look more like a yes than a no….so on that I didn’t go into above..but sometimes people cause themselves to be pestered by being so wishy washy when asked a question about something….I MIGHT be guilty of that sometimes but I think I’m pretty straight forward about things…sure I’m a smartass more times than not BUT I don’t answer with an ‘uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh’ when asked things that are important enough, at least to me or imo, to require a straight forward answer;;;; so there you go. Feel free to disagree or agree or argue or whatever with me..but as I know there’s likely nobody reading….Is typing words on a blog any less insane or inane than “talking to yourself”? …..}}}}


[[[[[oh bonus content..or thought..like last year I worked on a best and worst and whatever movies of the last year list..unlike last year I actually compiled quite a list this year....the hope was by Oscar time I would have posted it {{{on that I took notes on the Oscars and was going to post a 'the Oscars through my eyes' blog about a week after the fact..hahah}}}...but anywho....unlike last year I WILL (probably) be posting that...so get excited for a 100,000 words of my opinions of last in movies...but if it doesn't get posted...blame society ;-D ]]]]] [[[[[[no really...I've put a lot of work into it...maybe over an hour..HA....i basically have the rough draft..best..worst..over rated...over hated...I just need to compile it into something more comprehensible and that can be posted as a blog...but if i don't...per the content up above...no one can be disappointed in me...but than no one is really expecting it anyway...so..we all win don't we?]]]]]]

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past is always there….regrets are redundant…respect retrograde…

non specifics…too much of my past featuring people that don’t believe my intentions…people who don’t take me serious….

they’re not to blame for anything necessarily…one makes their own path but those along the way develop a persons world view…

thus I am jaded….things constantly crumbling…or my constantly being “shit upon”…..makes it hard to believe there’s something better or more waiting for me…

I’m a tumbling tumbleweed that got caught on a twig…or branch…perhaps stump…

I’m holding myself back….but it’s also not really under my control…

faith don’t pay the bills…



and that’s currently all I’ve got to say about that….”



“would you like to know more?”



‘worlds on fire……….




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I write far more than I post…

That’s sad….or at least lame; however only my ‘how to sneak into Disneyland’ post gets a bajillion hits; no one ever effing comments on it…nor does it get likes but hundreds of hits.;;; what the hell is the point in my posting when no one comments or argues or gives any kind of feedback?

Sure I’ve got an over inflated value of self worth but itinit the case with every ‘blogger’? Surely we all share what we write because we crave attention or appreciation…unless we’re all just a bunch of opinionated whores that want our voices heard? Even still that suggests a craving of approval…?

I write for my sanity but I also think…nay KNOW…my opinions on movies, if not also books, music, and all facets of entertainment, are valid points of view. (Especially when most of my movie ratings fall within the average rating bubble of imdb…maybe less so rotten tomatoes but I prefer imdb anywho)….

Now I have the WordPress app on my phone. I’m typing this on my phone; I’ve written some pretty epic in length things on my phone. Does this and/or that mean a more frequent posting is going to appear? Maybe but probably not :D ~ In any case the barely once a month recent posting just don’t cut it when I specificaly have written far more than that with intent of posting. My lost blogs could easily make for a probably quite boring book~when I one day gain d list…maybe c list celebrity status I could potentially cash in with them…a collection of inane ramblings from the mind of someone famous for almost nothing…if that ain’t the ultimate dream for a self professed “writer” that gets no compensation for shit they write/create I don’t know what is~ ;)

Coherent or incoherent ramblings are surely what I do best…I’m mentally a bit of a stand up comic…I’m literally not all that much of a performer ALTHOUGH I’ve floated the concept that my whole existence is quite the living work of performance art ((this upon being told for the upteenth time that I’m bizzare or weird))….sadly I don’t put that much thought into TRYING to be “weird”. I just am what I am…or am not ; ooooh “mysterious”. Itinit?

[Literally or perhaps not but surely in theory ALL OF US are living works of art living and playing the part of performance art for whatever shoes, boots, bare feet, and/or other we walk in. We are all playing parts consciously or subconsciously; welcome to admittance ...we are in the matrix...we are into the void...this is inception....we are on a path ultimately not entirely of our choosing] [[we are....v.r ;) ]]

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“Saving Mr. Banks” ; a “review”

Now that I’ve already said most of what I’ve got to say on instagram [[[www.instagram.com/jahwoo333 ;) ]]] …and I’ve put off writing my ‘review’ until the day I’d said it would be posted by…I’m not in the writing mood and don’t really want to….go figure…but anywho let’s attempt it shall we?

Prefaceish…I “won” a pass to see a prescreening of this movie. As I actually wanted to see it I actually went ((Have won or received a few times in the past screening invites but…weren’t movies I cared to see..maybe if I would have also had a free ride..but i digress to progress)). I was excited of the thought that ‘WOW…almost like an actual critic..I could post a review BEFORE the movie is out’…and then a little research and…they seem to have done about half a million screenings..they REALLLLY want the word out…and luckily for them the movie doesn’t suck..but I’ve never seen so much of a screening blitz for any movie before…not that I may have been paying attention….before I get to the ‘review’..i have to say..there were seats “reserved” for critics…we got there a little late and were nearly going to be stuck in row 2…but then some of those reserved seats magically opened up…and well…I was then sitting in one of those previously reserved for a critic seats…so….clearly it’s my DUTY to post a review then right?…ha.

Saving Mr. Banks : If you know nothing about this movie the thing that will be the buzz is…Tom Hanks is playing Walt Disney in…a Walt Disney Picture; Thus smart money would be placed on a white washing of Walt…but then this movie isn’t really about Walt. Thankfully he shows up enough to play his part, as it were, in the story but not to much that the story is overshadowed by Walt;; but then…for the average consumer….EVERYTHING Disney is overshadowed by Walt…or..maybe not…In any case this is NOT “the Walt Disney Story”…so anyone planning on seeing it looking for that..you would be rather disappointed…HOWEVER that being said…there’s a scene, which I think is his best, in a later portion of the movie that is a taste of what could be if there were to be a full on Walt bio pic. Before I move on from Walt I have to say for the first ten or fifteen minutes I didn’t see Tom Hanks on screen playing Walt; I saw Tom Hanks On screen being..Tom Hanks pretending to be someone else. ON a likely plus I didn’t see him as Forrest Gump or some other character…but still…Tom Hanks and Walt Disney clearly not the same guy so I was afraid I’d be distracted by that the whole ‘pictures’. Anywho; moving on from that ((if you didn’t get it..after fifteen minutes I was buying the Walt that Tom was portraying)). As for what the movie IS about. This is the story about Walt Disney flying in the creator/author/person behind Mary Poppins and trying to sell her on his vision of Mary Poppins for the big screen so she will sign off on the rights. That in itself doesn’t sound like a very entertaining premise does it? I didn’t think so and I wanted to see it…so…to a complete outsider…probably not something they think they want to see…and well they could be correct. Obviously if you’re familiar with Disney, Mary Poppins, and things that tie in to them you’re going to want to see this…if you hate Disney and Mary Poppins…there’s a great acting performance or three…I don’t believe anyone would hate the movie….[[[[there's perhaps a small segment of society that would find it boring....that small segment are small brained juice heads that go into a rage if they don't see explosions, scantly clad women, and violence on the screen......that's a bit of a stereotype perhaps and of course but I HAVE interacted with a few of those people..most infamously the guy that wanted to kick my ass over City of God..but I must digress back to the flick at hand.]]]]

Tom Hanks is acceptable as Disney. Emma Thompson steals the show…I predict an Oscar nomination and likely win coming for her but…I don’t generally predict such things…however in this case because she was so convincing at being a person that in actuality she could have been nothing like…she sells it so well that to find out the character in question was any different would be a disappointment. ((based on one point of reference that you won’t see if you leave once the credits begin to roll…she was pretty damn spot on;;; on that note….my first screening..and the first movie in maybe forever that I’ve gone to and 95% of the audience was there for most of the credits..even at the very end probably 40% remained….usually I’m sitting alone…maybe 2…3….8-10 other people..at most 15 are still in the theater as the credits are done. I don’t know if the movie was that good or powerful or it’s because it was a screening or….why but I enjoy when I’m not sitting alone as the guy or gal with the garbage can comes in to sweep up garbage…and that’s as it should be. Sign of respect for those who worked on the movie if nothing else.)). Jason Schwartzman & B.J. Novak are good as the song writing Sherman brothers; B.J. perhaps even better than Jason however I feel like we might see a supporting actor nod for Jason. Bradley Whitford, I think, plays the other guy in the room and is also quite good. Those three deserve perhaps some kind of three person supporting actor role nod…..and last but not least on the performance side her driver as portrayed by Paul Giamatti was also quite good but I don’t know if he’s in enough of the movie to be nominated but he deserves recognition. [[[[[[strike that there's also a young girl in the movie at some point that is either a great actress or just good at....playing a young girl...lol; her name is Annie Rose Buckley and she could have a bright future in Hollyweird ahead of her.]]]]]][[[couple of other faces you will recognize that are good..really there's no bad performances here as far as I saw so if you're into performances over ability..you shouldn't be disappointed]]]

The story is solid. The acting is convincing((per the [[[]]] above..lol)). The soundtrack is…what it needs to be. There’s a Disney fan “mark out” moment or two that were nice touches. I don’t know what else or if there’s much else that I need to say that I haven’t. I do have a few more thoughts I’m going to share post review that could be seen as moderate spoilers….but for a movie based on a true story….what can really be spoiled; right? ((but JUST in case someone is actually reading this..and want’s to go in with as little knowledge about what actually happens, and I’m sure I’ve really given you NOTHING about how things unfold above..let me know if you disagree)). One more thing; clearly as Walt is part of the story and the woman behind Mary Poppins is behind the story….this is an intertwining sort of flick…I said a bit more on Instagram then I will here but perhaps some of the intertwinement can get a bit distracting…it works well to do what it’s there to do but I can see how some people might say….why do we keep going to that? More on what I’m hinting at in the spoilerish section. So all that being said, and more being said than I needed to say, if you think you want to see the movie..you should go…if you think you don’t…you could still like it…it’s a solid movie and well worth seeing and OF COURSE if you’re a Disney fanboy or fangirl (or if you happen to just love Mary Poppins and are a Mary Poppins fanboy/fangirl; does such a thing exist?) you’re going to love it. For those reasons and more or less. Saving Mr. Banks 4.5-4.75 shining Disney *’s out of 5.

;;;;averages out to 4.625 in case you prefer that…I must add that until about the last third of the movie..and until a scene that may or may not be pivotal ((said scene being the moment that Tom Hanks sold being Walt the best…))…I was feeling 4*’s….that last bit bumped it up…so maybe Tom Hanks did/does a better job at playing Walt than I give credit for earlier in my review…however…I’m sure that’s going to be the biggest point of contention as well..so we shall see once it’s in wide release and all the feedback is out there.;;;;(((4.416 if you average my three scores…so point really being..worst case scenario, IMO at least, at worst it’s a 4…or 4.4….lol)))


Spoileryish/deeper thought on the film and some other things time ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Okay so as touched upon there’s interweaving stories…one of the interweaving stories takes place in a different period of time…really it’s just that and the time the main story unfolds…there’s not a whole sub story focusing on Disney, the song writers, and the creator of Mary Poppins however they do at least briefly visit all three in the time period setting of the movie. (ooh and her driver too)…that story is her story when she was a child…it’s probably 30 or 45 minutes of the flick and maybe one segment could have been left out…or they could have trimmed some of that fat….without it would be a slightly different movie..with it…that’s the thing that might annoy, confuse, irritate, or other ma and pa film goer; most people will probably connect the dots relatively quickly but it surely will confuse at least some. On that however that is the girl playing the young girl I alluded too; her performance seems to be quite good..but it’s hard to judge kids playing kids sometimes…okay that out of the way. A bit more spoiley but even though I had forgotten I knew…I actually had already known….Being a movie featuring Walt Disney as a lead character you CLEARLY expect to see Disneyland at some point…I was wondering if it was going to happen…and when it finally did….that’s a Disney geek “mark out” (((btw mark out is pro wrestling related…when you totally buy into something and ooze joy over it…that is marking out..lol)))) moment…to see a modern take on 60′s Disneyland is nothing less than magical….to see Disneyland IN A MOVIE….is a very rare occurrence to boot..so those two things combine for awesomeness….even if it’s not a large portion of the movie….I focused more on the extras as really that was the biggest selling point of “this is 60s Disneyland”…and finally my thought that could be entirely incorrect but this was MY interpretation…..our interweaving stories give us insight into why she is so against giving Walt the rights…..at some point it goes quite dark….this movie on the surface is all popcorn, bubblegum, and Mickey Mouse balloons but deeper within…there’s a psychological unraveling….you could almost call it a mystery….with brief glimpses of outright horror. Almost Hitchcockian?. Yep. I could go as far as to say….Saving Mr. Banks. Dramatic comedy? spshaw! It’s purely a psychological thriller….and most people would say ..’ mr. you’re nuts’….but if you happen to see the movie..and you happen to read this….and you happen to agree…or disagree….leave a comment and let me know…uhmkay thanks. Saving Mr. Banks. Psychological thriller of the year ;-) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



but if you’ve seen it and you read my review..leave feedback…even if you haven’t but you read my review and it makes you feel like you should..or shouldn’t…leave a comment..please and thanks. Likes are fine to let me know someone is reading but feedback is better than a like…uhmkay.

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